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Our guide will pick you up from your hotel and will escort you to the Manial Palace, which has been built for Prince Mohammad Ali between 1899 and 1929. Prince Muhammad Ali is the first cousin of King Faruq and the younger brother of Khedive Abbas Hilmi II. The complex consists of six structures. Among these structures is a museum in which Farouq's hunting trophies are found, the prince's residence and furnishings and a museum. There are also gardens that have beautiful plants and flowers that are worth seeing. The palace also includes a collection of manuscripts, carpets, textiles, brass work and crystal.
It was t against a background of luxuriant tropical and desert plants that the five detached palace buildings formed the ensemble of Manial Palace where Turco-Islamic architecture prevailed. Whether in the salamlik--reception quarters, the haramlik--main residence; the throne room, the golden hall or the palace mosque, Turkish ceramics from Iznik and Kutahaya adorned the walls.
Next, we will take you to visit the Nilometer on Rhoda Island: Located at the lower end of Rhoda Island in Cairo, the Nilometer has been used to measure river level in the past. The structure consists of a measuring device, or a graduated column located below the level of the Nile, reached by steps that wrap around the chamber housing the column. If the water fell to a low level, the Cairenes would expect drought and famine; if it went too high, they could predict floods and disasters. The Nilometer is no longer functional today but it is worth a visit. Built in 861 AD by the Muslim Caliph Al-Mutawakkil, it is crowned by an remarkable pointed dome that was rebuilt after being destroyed by French invaders. The interior of the building is breathtaking..
Next to the Nilometer is the Manasterly Palace or Pavilion built in the 19th century by Hassan Fouad Al Manastery Pasha from Manastir, the former name of Bitola city in Macedonia.
What we see from the palace today is only the “Salamlik” section. The other parts of the palace disappeared in the 50s of the 20th century.
  • Half day visit to the Palace of Prince Mohamed Ali and the Nilometer in Mania.
  • The services of an English speaking guide.
  • A small bottle of water.
  • currently applicable taxes and entrance fees for the included sightseeing.
  • Lunch during tour.
  • Tipping or any other personal expenses.
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